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    What we can do!? ( Design & Modeling ).

    Process Design encompasses both the identification of existing processes and the design of "to-be" processes. Areas of focus include representation of the process flow, the actors within it, alerts & notifications, escalations, Standard Operating Procedures, Service Level Agreements, and task hand-over mechanisms.

    Good design reduces the number of problems over the lifetime of the process. Whether or not existing processes are considered, the aim of this step is to ensure that a correct and efficient theoretical design is prepared.

    The proposed improvement could be in human-to-human, human-to-system, and system-to-system workflows, and might target regulatory, market, or competitive challenges faced by the businesses.Modeling takes the theoretical design and introduces combinations of variables (e.g., changes in rent or materials costs, which determine how the process might operate under different circumstances).

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  • Time, Cost, Quality and Paying Methods. ( Execution ).

    One of the ways to automate processes is to develop or purchase an application that executes the required steps of the process; however, in practice, these applications rarely execute all the steps of the process accurately or completely. Another approach is to use a combination of software and human intervention; however this approach is more complex, making the documentation process difficult.

    As a response to these problems, software has been developed that enables the full business process (as developed in the process design activity) to be defined in a computer language which can be directly executed by the computer.

    The system will either use services in connected applications to perform business operations (e.g. calculating a repayment plan for a loan) or, when a step is too complex to automate, will ask for human input.

    Compared to either of the previous approaches, directly executing a process definition can be more straightforward and therefore easier to improve. However, automating a process definition requires flexible and comprehensive infrastructure, which typically rules out implementing these systems in a legacy IT environment.

    Business rules have been used by systems to provide definitions for governing behaviour, and a business rule engine can be used to drive process execution.

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    Starting Working and deliver it in time. ( Production & Delivery ).ß

    Prevent problems with equipment United Plastics™ and machine status dashboard. Eliminate errors and manual labor with live manufacturing production reports. Collect, analyze, then eliminate causes for equipment downtime and rejects. Improve product costing: track run/down/setup time, Operator performance.

    Schedule Maintenance based on actual machine/tool run time and cycle count.When scheduling manufacturing, give real ship dates with visual Scheduler: Job completion dates calculated in real-time based upon current operations. Link manufacturing and Plastics: import production requirements into Scheduler, track Job progress in real time, then export actual production data to ERP.

    Getting the product is our job we can deliver it to you in the time what we agreed abpout with 100% Safty transportation and packaging the product with our Identity.

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    Finding any trouble and After Sale service.

    Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.

    Its importance varies by products, industry and customer; defective or broken merchandise can be exchanged, often only with a receipt and within a specified time frame. Retail stores often have a desk or counter devoted to dealing with returns, exchanges and complaints, or will perform related functions at the point of sale; the perceived success of such interactions being dependent on employees "who can adjust themselves to the personality of the gue.

    Regarding technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods, it is termed technical support. we can do all of this for you.

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